Finally, Tayo Sobola Reveals Her Source Of Wealth

A lot has been written about popular actress , Tayo Sobola , aka Sotayo ’ s exclusive lifestyle, but she apparently doesn’t care and she has continued to rise higher.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop recently , the actress spoke about the source of her money .

“ I am a very hard -working person and everybody who knows me can attest to that .

I ’ m always thinking of fresh ideas and I ’ m always on the move .

I am usually so busy that I don ’ t even have time to consider what anybody is saying somewhere .

“ There have been lots of untrue things written about me but I have just decided not to react.

I keep my eyes on my goals and I keep moving. Those who want to talk can keep doing that while we soar . ”

On the notion that some of the expensive properties she owns cannot be funded by her acting career, she said , “By now , you should know that most actors don ’ t survive on acting fees alone .

There are a lot of other things involved . In the industry , there are endorsements, appearances and other services you can render with your brand .

“ You can also engage in other businesses outside the entertainment industry .

Though the economic situation of the country is not so good , there are lots of opportunities out there. You just have to open your eyes . ”

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